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In every Career (whether as an employee or an entrepreneur), you will always find “ROCKSTARS”, making waves in their very own “arena”. You notice them. You hear about them. You are inspired of them. You are challenged by them. And sometimes, even envious of them.


It can be your Boss, a colleague, a mentor, the owner of your company, a business-partner, a spiritual GURU, a competitor, a crush, etc.


They are people that are relatively excellent in what they do (or your area of Profession). When they “perform” you are at AWE and all you can say is AWESOME (comes from the word AWE.hehe).


Here is the thing though. At InHim Business Consultancy, we don’t really believe that they are “naturally” good at what they do. Sure maybe they have the “genes” for it. They could have physical advantages. They are intelligent or smart in “higher” way. Yet when you read between the lines, you can find a few things in common.


Which are:

1. They are “weirdly-too-focus”
They are not the diversified type. They are not good on a lot of stuff, but only a few things. They give a lot of time for what they do. They don’t jump from one skill to another. They don’t plan something, and do something else. In fact, sometimes they are “weirdly-too-FOCUS”.


2. They are innovators
They don’t just follow, they create. They find a niche, and be master and re-invent that niche. They don’t necessarily create that niche. But they grow it a hundred to millions times. They create an “in-innovation”


3. More importantly, they are connected
For us, this is the most important. Most Rockstars are connected to their TRUE SELF. They know their purpose and continuously verify it with action+results. (more on this on future discussions)


Well, that’s it for now.


The President