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Stock Market Investment For Beginners


What is Stock Market?

Below are the common questions:

“How do you invest in the Stock Market?, Is the Stock Market risky?, Hi, I’m interested in the Stock Market, how can I start?, How do you earn from Stock Market? That is really interesting”

This time, let’s give the answers to these questions.



Analyzing Stocks Thru Charting: Knowing Your Chart


One of the stock investing strategies is charting. However, it is more complicated that the fundamentals. But what is complicated now can be made easy as long as we study and research about it. There are several techniques in using the chart like candlestick charting, point and figure charting, etc. But to start, let us know our chart first.




Lookin for Stocks that Pay Dividends? Here’s a quick list of companies that gave this 2018.


Do you want to invest in companies that pay dividends?

     There are several ways on earning from the stock market. One of those is investing in companies that pay out dividends. Investing in them is like hitting two birds in one shot, you earn from increase in share prices then earn from dividends. And that makes you a one happy investor!


A Success Story of A Trisikad Driver turned into Businessman

Money was never enough.

When I was in high school, I was forced to drive a sidecar (or pedicab) on days when there are no classes just to earn a few pesos to help out my family. My father is a fisherman and my mother stays at home to take care of the family. While we lived simply, we barely had enough. College was even more difficult, especially during the time when both my brother and I had to go to college at the same time.



Be a Rockstar of WHAT YOU do!

In every Career (whether as an employee or an entrepreneur), you will always find “ROCKSTARS”, making waves in their very own “arena”. You notice them. You hear about them. You are inspired of them. You are challenged by them. And sometimes, even envious of them.

It can be your Boss, a colleague, a mentor, the owner of your company, a business-partner, a spiritual GURU, a competitor, a crush, etc.