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Meet the Team


Jake Bere


Jake Bere is a young visionary entrepreneur, driven by his dreams and the calling to help teach, train, and mentor actual business concepts focused on winning in all areas (health, wealth, money, family, spiritual) of life.

A graduate of Industrial Engineering from the University of San Carlos – Technological Center, with a strong background in Sales and Marketing, specifically coming from being a Territory Sales Manager in San Miguel Foods Inc. Became a full-time Entrepreneur since October 2010.

After becoming a full-time Entrepreneur, and failing at least 12 times in different types of business ventures, Jake Bere is now an advocate of Financial Education, SME Business planning, Entrepreneurship, and loving life.

Together with InHim Business, Jake Bere is also the Chairman/CEO of InHim Property and Development Corp., and Happy Entrepreneur.

  •  Business mentoring for SME’s
  •  Basic Stock market training, Fundamental Analysis, Financial Planner,
  •  Internet Marketer, Online Entrepreneur
  •  Personal and Business Coach

Joy Madarcos

Operations Manager

Ms. Joy is currently the Operations Manager of inHIM Business Consultancy since the start of its operation last October 2014. She’s also the Corporate Secretary
of inHIM Property and Development Corp., a Real Estate Development Company for more than a year now. Currently she’s handling 3 companies, including a
Financial Brokerage that caters Financial Services (includes HMOs and Insurances).

Ms. Joy has been in the Financial and Consultancy Industry for almost 4 years. During those years she’s been consulting people especially young professionals on
how to handle their hard-earned income. She discovered, while practicing her advocacy as financial consultant, the need of the Filipino people on Financial
Education. Many professionals, including business persons, have concerns in proper money handling. Most of them are either in debt-crisis, or no savings at all,
despite the promising and big salary and/or income in their business. In addition, she also found out the need to help people find their purpose especially in
in their life as a whole, and turning their Passion into Profit. She believes that Filipinos have unlimited potentials in today’s rapid changing world. They just
don’t know where to go or who to ask for consultation. Together with inHIM Business Consultancy, she’s helping those individuals realize their dreams by providing
information fit for their needs and dreams.

  • Financial Planner, Financial Advice
  •  Corporate Event coordinator

Leandro Compahinay

Sales and Marketing

From Banker to Entrepreneur. Leandro, fondly called as Drew, is happy and cool spirited person. Loves analyzing businesses and world of Real Estate.

  •  License Real Estate Broker
  • Creative Designer
  • Marketing Consultant

Joel Melgo

Sales and Marketing

Joel is the “action man” of marketing team. He always enjoys a challenge and works hard to develop his skills online and offline, especially in the area of Marketing, Creative Design, and Personal Selling.

  • Online marketer and Specialist
  • Video marketer and designer
  • Sales and marketing director